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resilient to climate change.

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TAKING THE LEAP: BII x Agrobiomics

Agrobiomics was featured in the latest

edition of the Taking the Leap series.

Hear our co-founders talk about our journey

so far, our mission, and how we believe

we can make agriculture more resilient

to climate change!

Tomorrow's Agriculture, Everywhere

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization, 833 million hectares of soil are affected by salinization

This affects a significant portion of crop production, making land unsuitable for effective cultivation and thereby reducing yield, resulting in losses of $20+ billion each year

The lack of efficient, affordable solutions and the growing needs for food security call for sustainable breakthrough innovations

Billede af Bo Zhang
Billede af Steve Harvey
Billede af Freysteinn G. Jonsson
Happy Farmer

Agrobiomics develops biological solutions to support sustainable agriculture and food production


Our solution is based on proprietary technology spun out of DTU Bioengineering, which enables crops to give better yield under moderate salinity, which is highly relevant due to more than 20% of agricultural land worldwide currently being affected negatively by salinity

The unprecedented low dose of our natural signalling molecule opens up for an affordable solution, even for developing countries, which are most affected by the salinity and drought challenges

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